The Lords of the Fallen gameplay features a terrifying spirit world

A new trailer with the first The Lords of the Fallen gameplay footage shows off a spooky, undead world that exists behind the veil of the mortal realm

The Lords of the Fallen gameplay: A monster with a demonic skull face and razor sharp teeth wears claws and teeth as charms

A new trailer shows The Lords of the Fallen gameplay for the first time, and reveals for the first time that players will be exploring linked worlds – one the mundane (although still very grim) world of mortals, and another, far spookier, world hiding just behind the veil in the dark RPG game.

The original Lords of the Fallen was one of the early attempts to capture the essence of Dark Souls, and The Lords of the Fallen – a reboot set 1,000 years after the events of the first game – certainly has some Elden Ring vibes. Developer CI Games says its world is “over five times larger” than the original’s, and that you’ll have full character customisation as you wield a “vast array of offensive and defensive spells” and a “fast, fluid, and challenging combat system.”

Here’s the new trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

What stands out in this trailer is the haunted, terrifying world of the dead that’s superimposed over the ‘normal’ world – the hero can see this rotting, infested version of reality when they lift an enchanted lantern. Human faces become terrifying alien maws, and ghostly egg sacs suddenly cover ruined archways. It’s pretty metal.

CI Games says the worlds are “interconnected,” and that you’ll find unique paths, side quests, enemies, and NPCs in each one.

The Lords of the Fallen release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the Steam and Epic Games pages are up for wishlisting purposes.