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Lords of the Fallen is getting a sequel, just not on Steam

We're officially getting a Lords of the Fallen sequel, as CI Games signs an agreement with Epic to bring it to PC exclusively via EGS.

Lords of the Fallen sequel: an ominous knight leaning on the hilt of their sword, surrounded by blue light

A Lords of the Fallen sequel is set for 2026, and it’ll be a lifetime exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC. That means it will never come to Steam, as CI Games and Epic come to a publishing agreement for the project.

One of the best soulslike games you can play today, 2023’s Lords of the Fallen was a mixed bag at launch that has seen plenty of improvements over time. I’m a staunch defender of what CI Games built, so news of a sequel is great to hear. We’ve got a while to wait, and it comes with a catch, but I’m still excited.

According to the Polish financial portal Bankier, Epic and CI Games signed off on an agreement published on Friday June 14 for the next game in the Lords of the Fallen series to be an EGS exclusive on PC.

Bankier says CI Games “signed a binding term sheet with Epic Games Inc. pursuant to which the company grants Epic the exclusive worldwide distribution rights to the sequel of the game Lords of the Fallen (working title: Project 3) on the PC platform for the entire product life cycle.”

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We also learned that 2026 is currently the release date target, but we haven’t heard any more about when to expect the sequel.

Despite myriad launch problems, I really liked the soulslike, as showcased in my Lords of the Fallen review. The umbral lamp is a novel idea, and there are some changes to the Dark Souls combat loop that have a great impact on how you play. At the time of writing, LOTF wasn’t exactly feature-complete, but since then CI Games has made it completely revamped it with balance changes, new quests, free events, and even New Game Plus modifiers to keep your next playthrough feeling fresh.

If you’re diving into Lords of the Fallen after all the major updates, you’ll want to check out our breakdown of the Lords of the Fallen bosses, alongside which Lords of the Fallen class to pick when you start.

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