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The hard-boiled Simon Miller takes the Xbox Scorpio to task - it’s just a rubbish PC, right?

miller scorpio

Yes, that is an egg pun. Sorry, Simon. I mean, you eat enough of a thing and you’re bound to turn into it, just like your mum said. If that goes the same for videogames, it’s no wonder Miller’s physique is straight out of Gears of War. Despite his love for Microsoft’s flagship third-person shooter series, as well as accruing power for the sake of it, he’s still not sold on the Xbox Scorpio. It’s just a PC for lazy people who skip leg, arm, chest, and back day, after all. 

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You see, the thing is, Xbox Scorpio might be the most powerful console, but it’s just a rubbish, closed-off PC. Well, that’s what Simon says, and when someone called Simon says a thing, you know it’s fact. That’s why the game Simon Says exists. Plus, he’s bloody massive, so he could probably kill you.

What do you lot reckon? Would you be up for a 4K console, or would you rather just stick, in the famous word of Simon, to your nerd box?

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