We let Simon Miller loose in No Man’s Sky and it went as expected

The Miller Rapport No Man's Sky

What happens when you pair a man who genuinely believes Gears of War 4 is the best PC game in recent years with the space exploration game everyone loves to berate? You get this week’s Miller Rapport, is what happens. Miller is in no mood for pew-pew-ing bits of plutonium for hours on end or flying around space in “a bathtub” – does the recent No Man’s Sky update do anything to alleviate that? Or, to put it in far more confrontational terms that only a man of Miller’s physique can get away with: is No Man’s Sky still boring?

Looking for a sure thing outside Earth’s atmosphere? You are!? Huh. Weird. Here’s the best space games on PC.

Truth be told, we’re not sure what the update could have included that would make Simon Miller a convert. Hello Games have been accused of a great many things, but promising a fully functional gym on every planet is not one of them.

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