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The Outer Worlds companion perks: all the buffs for your team

Your team also benefits from perks though their options are different, here are those choices listed in full

The Outer Worlds companion Ellie firing her gun

What are Outer Worlds companion perks? Your character has their own set of The Outer World perks, but companion perks offer different stat buffs for your pals. Each one of your companions also has access to perks unique to themselves.

There are still some similarities, however. You can obtain one perk point for every two levels gained or through gameplay – such as completing quests or accepting The Outer Worlds flaws. It’s up to you if you want to spend that point on a player or companion perk, basically. There’s no limit to how many perks you can unlock, and you can respec them if you want to switch it up – though it’ll cost you 500 Bit Cartridges at first and then double the next time. Companions perks are also separated into five perk tiers, with access to higher tiers coming when you unlock a certain amount of perks.

In this The Outer Worlds companion perks guide we’ll go over each buff and what it does. We’ll also organise them into their tiers and detail each companion’s unique perk. That said, here are the Outer Worlds companion perks.

The Outer Worlds companions perks are:

Tier One

  • Healthy – adds 30% to your companions’ health
  • Boisterous – makes your companions 30% more threatening
  • Sneaky – if you’re not a fan of Boisterous, you can make your companions 30% less threatening – meaning they’re less likely to be attacked by foes

Tier Two

To unlock this tier, all you need to do is unlock one perk from the previous tier

  • Fine Aim – slaps on 10% to ranged damage
  • Battle Hardened – adds five to your armour rating
  • Heavy Handed – catch a 10% boost to melee damage

Tier Three

You’ll need to unlock two perks at least to gain access to this tier

  • Spec Ops – your companions have a 20% chance of resetting their ability cooldowns on ability use
  • Stonebreaker – companions gain a 30% boost to their ability damage
  • Jazz Hands – equip time reduces by 30% while ranged weapon reload speed increases 30%

Tier Four

Unlock three of the previous perks and you’ll have your pick of these buffs (so long as you have a point to spend)

  • Echoing Thunder – gain a 20% chance to reset ability cooldowns on kills
  • Shake it off – harmful status effect duration shrinks by 30%
  • Showtime – damage increases by 25% for five seconds

Tier Five

If you want access to these perks all you have to do is unlock four from the previous tiers

  • Long Winter – duration of status effects inflicted by companion abilities upped by 20%
  • Stand Your Ground – adds three stat points to your companion’s armour rating for ten seconds when they take damage
  • Second Wind – returns companion’s health to 25% when they’re downed

The Outer Worlds companion Parvati taking on a beast

Unique companion perks

Parvati unique perks

  • Bonus Support Engineering – adds ten to engineering
  • Mod Finder – Parvati has a 10% higher chance of extracting mods in the field
  • Synchronicity – boosts tactical time dilation meter by 25%

Sam unique perks

  • Bonus Support Intimidate – adds ten points to intimidate
  • Cleaner – reduces negative reputation kill by 20%
  • Bad Samaritan – ups damage to auto mechanicals by 20

Vicar Max unique perks

  • Bonus Support Hack – bumps up Vicar Max’s hack stat by ten
  • Sermon – adds 20% to dialog combat effect duration
  • Mad Max – increases science weapon damage by 20%

Nyoka unique perks

  • Bonus Support Lie – adds ten to Nyoka’s lie stat
  • Hunter – shrinks the radius of her footstep sounds by 20%
  • Exterminator – raises creature damage by 20

Felix unique perks

  • Bonus Support Persuade – increases persuade stat by ten
  • Bootlickers! – increases damage to cowering enemies by 20
  • Rebellion – more damage to corporate military

Ellie unique perks

  • Bonus Support Medical – adds ten to Ellie’s medical stat
  • First Responder – medical inhaler heals 20% more
  • CPR – Ellie recovers 25% of her health when she’s fatally wounded (this has a five minute cooldown)

And there you have it, The Outer Worlds companion perks and unique perks detailed in full. It’s worthwhile studying up on these, especially if you want to create some of the best The Outer Worlds builds. They’re complicated things, but are totally worth it once everything is in full flow.