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The Outer Worlds companions: locations and how to get them in your party

Here’s where to find all the companions in The Outer Worlds and how to win their loyalty

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Your Outer Worlds companions are not just the string to your bow, but also a friend to make evil corporate space feel a little less lonely. You can have up to two companions in The Outer Worlds, but which two, or one, or none will make the cut?

Companions in The Outer Worlds aren’t, unfortunately, stood in a line-up at the beginning of the campaign waiting to be chosen. Instead, you’ll need to explore the different planets and complete individual quests to win the trust and loyalty of a companion so they’ll follow you into the unknown.

Companions, like yourself, have their own Outer Worlds weapons and armour, as well as offering boosts and a special combat ability unlocked if your inspiration skill is at level 20. Outer Worlds companions perks mean you’ll be able to select new skills from a perk table, each unique to that companion. Here’s where you can find each of the companions in The Outer Worlds and what you’ll need to do to win their loyalty.

The Outer Worlds companions

The Outer Worlds companion sam stats in the menu

Sam location

A sanitation and maintenance automechanical that you’ll find on the top deck of your ship and provides bonus stats to your intimidate and hacking skills when in your party. You’ll need to collect parts to fix Sam up.

Location: Upstairs deck of the Unreliable
Quest: The Cleaning Machine

Vicar Max location

Head to the east side of town where you’ll find Vicar Max, he provides hacking and intimidate bonus stats when in your party.

Location: The church in Edgewater
Quest: The Illustrated Manual

Nyoka location

You’ll find Nyoka on the main campaign during Radio Free Monarch, but you’ll need to complete a side quest for her to join your crew. She’ll grant a bonus to your lie, sneak, and medical skills.

Location: Yacht Club bar in Stellar Bay on Monarch
Quest: Passion Pills

The Outer Worlds companion felix stats in the menu

Felix location

When you land on Groundbreaker, you’ll find Felix in the shipyard and you’ll need to defend him to the cop. Once you speak to Udom and release your ship, Felix will be waiting for you by the Unreliable.

Location: Groundbreaker Docking Bays
Quest: Passage to Anywhere

Ellie location

By helping Ellie clear her debt, she’ll offer to join your crew. Ellie provides engineering, lie, and medical skill bonuses.

Location: The Medbay on Groundbreaker
Quest: Worst Contract

Parvati location

Parvati provides a bonus to engineering and persuasion stats. You’ll need to help Parvati build up the courage to speak to someone she likes.

Location: Saltuna Cannery, Edgewater
Quest: Stranger in a Strange Land

The Outer Worlds companions grant bonus stats to your skills, as well as having their own perks. If you’re not sure what skills to build on, our Outer Worlds skills guide is a great place to start.