How long is The Outer Worlds?

The Fallout-like open-world RPG is here but just how long does it take to beat?

How long is The Outer Worlds? The open-world RPG came out around a year ago now, and is coming to Steam very soon – but if you’re like me you’re probably wondering how long it is. I know when I’m going to put my hard-earned cash into a game, I like to think about its value, and that means how long it’s going to keep me entertained. £50 is a lot to spend on something if you’re only going to spend a few hours enthralled.

This isn’t to say that all games should be judged on how long they are, no no. I don’t think if you made Ghost Recon: Breakpoint longer, it would automatically get better, and I quite like the length of Control just as it is. There is plenty of fun to be had which doesn’t involve hours being poured into the game.

As our The Outer Worlds review explains, among its many qualities are the chance to become a friendly neighbourhood Cupid and play wingman/woman to one of your party, or maybe its laugh-out-loud (or ‘lol’ as cool kids say) humour is for you. Our reviewer Dustin Bailey does caution, however, that between these moments of genuine brilliance The Outer Worlds tends to meander, with a lot of ‘connective tissue’ where you’re not really doing a lot.

How long is the Outer Worlds?

The Outer Worlds is around 25 hours long. Now, don’t get it twisted, our playthrough was for review purposes and although every major side quest found was completed, it probably doesn’t search the planets for every little bit of content you could get out of the game. There are likely still some small side quests unexplored, collectables to be gathered, and maybe some reloading if you don’t like the path you’ve taken.

If you’re the type to book it down the centre of the game and complete the main quest and the main quest alone, you’re looking more at a 15-hour game. On the flip side of that, playing on hard might lengthen a playthrough to around 30 hours as it would require a little less spray and pray, and a little stealth to preserve health. Really what it comes down to is your playthrough preference.

Truth be told, I spent far too long in character creation and deciding which of Outer Worlds’ weapons to upgrade and spend time with, as well as pondering over the best skills and perks. But with our handy guides, you should be able to make these decisions much quicker.

Of course, if 25 hours seems a little short – or even long – for you, there are plenty of other renowned RPG games and opulent open-world games to be explored across the board. It’s pretty easy these days to take your pick.