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This minimalist The Outer Worlds mod strips back your HUD

A new fan-made mod for The Outer Worlds takes away almost everything from your in-game HUD

The Outer Worlds’ release date was only last week, but it looks like players have already been finding creative ways to get stuck into the game. One speedrunner has already beaten The Outer Worlds in less than 31 minutes, and now it looks like the modding scene is starting to pick up, too. One in particular looks sure to add a whole new level of trickiness to your game – by removing almost everything from your HUD.

The Outer Worlds minimal HUD mod by creator Artemys turns off pretty much everything you’ll be used to seeing ahead of you as you explore Obsidian’s retro-futurist universe, except for your HP bar, the quest location icon, and your crosshair. The description advises that the latter isn’t disabled as it’s needed to keep your snipers happy and, you know, sniping.

Take a look at the minimalist re-imagining of The Outer Worlds’ HUD and it’s easy to see how it could add a whole new level of mystery to the game. Your stuff? Huh? What stuff? Your controls and objective? Nope, no idea of those either. Your own beloved companions’ health levels? Uhh…

It looks like the mod even removes the map bar with your location, so you might not even know where you are at times. Tricky, but it might make discovering the game’s world (and space) even more exciting.

If you’re tempted to go minimalist, head over to Nexus mods where you can grab the all-new HUD. If you’re jumping into the game, you might also find our guides to The Outer Worlds builds, The Outer Worlds weapons, and The Outer Worlds companions handy for your next trip into space.

Top image credit: Artemys and Korayshin13/Nexus Mods