The Outer Worlds scores – our roundup of the critics

The Outer Worlds – no not Wilds, Worlds, the open world RPG Fallout-like (I’m coining the term) – is heading towards its October 25 release date. Fans and critics alike have been watching and waiting to see if the game is everything it promised to be, and now that the embargo has lifted, we’ve got a round up of what critics think.

You can read our The Outer Worlds review to hear PCGamesN’s opinion on the game, articulated by our lovely Dustin Bailey, who says that while the game has some genuine moments of greatness, they come between some mediocre “connective tissue”.

Our score of seven is one that we consider solid, which is why it’s remarkable that we’re on the lower end of critical opinion. Just a quick scan of the scores shows that a lot of sites adore the Outer Worlds. The game has produced nine after nine after nine, and is sitting on an 86 at MetaCritic and an 86 at OpenCritic.

More specifically, GameSpot calls Obsidian’s latest “the best possible version of a Fallout game”, while Game Informer praises it for “inspiring success despite its rough edges”. But although there was a lot of love for The Outer Worlds, there was also some criticism – Eurogamer didn’t give The Outer Worlds a label, meaning the site felt unable to recommend it.

Here is a thorough list of review scores from the biggest sites:

PCGamesN: 7/10
Destructoid: 9/10
DualShockers: 9.5/10
Eurogamer: No label
Game Informer: 9.25/10
GamesRadar+: 4/5
GameSpot: 9/10
IGN: 8.5/10
PCGamer: 79/100
Polygon: Recommends
Push Square: 9/10
RPG Site: 8/10

From the reviews I’ve looked at it really comes down to the expectations of the player. If you don’t mind managing the weight of your backpack, doing the occasional fetch quest, and a load of on-the-nose commentary about capitalism, The Outer Worlds could be for you.

If those things do bother you, well, there are a bunch of other fantastic RPGs and open-world games out there for you to explore.

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