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Get a closer look at Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds with 15 minutes of gameplay footage

Last night, we got our first look at Obsidian’s The Outerworlds With a smattering of in-game shots in its debut trailer – and now we’ve got nearly 15 minutes of gameplay footage showing a much clearer picture of what to expect from Obsidian’s latest. The initial comparisons to Fallout: New Vegas seem to be well-justified – this is a full-on first-person RPG complete with robust dialogue trees and loads of places to explore.

You can watch it all in full below courtesy of Game Informer, but here are some details to keep in mind. You’ll have companion characters that’ll journey alongside you – two are seen accompanying the player at once – and you can go on missions with them that’ll develop that relationship and those characters’ skills. Romance quests seem unlikely, though.

Dialogue is in the classic RPG style, where you see choose your full response and the NPC chats back without your character actually voicing the line. There’s no lockpicking minigame – you’ll just hold down a button to spend lockpicks and open a door. When you repeatedly meet certain types of enemies, you might develop a fear of them. That means you’ll take stat penalties when fighting them, but you’ll also gain a perk point – and you’ll have the option to choose whether to accept or reject that tradeoff.

In combat, you have access to a time dilation ability governed by a meter. It greatly slows down time, and the meter will drain faster as you move or make attacks. You can see this and much more in the footage below.

Check out The Outer Worlds Game Awards trailer if you missed it last night. Obsidian says The Outer Worlds has been in development for two years already, and is due out in 2019.

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