Battlefield: Bad Company 2 lead unveils first-person, alt history RPG, Project Wight

Project Wight

Project Wight is the first game from The Outsiders, a new indie studio headed up by David Goldfarb, lead designer on Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. While the game’s title is a placeholder, the video above shows the concept already has promise at this early stage. 

Once we have a date, we’ll add it to our upcoming PC games list.

The Unity-built RPG takes place in an alternate history during the Viking era. Rather than donning a horned helmet and an axe, you take the role of a vengeful, cave-dwelling creature with a thirst for human blood.

Going by the footage shown, you begin the game as a child, crawling in the dark on all-fours. So it’s a stealth game to begin with, but once you hit adolescence, you’re soon throwing Vikings 100ft to their death, gliding down after them like a flying squirrel and going toe-to-claw with heavy-set warriors.

According to The Outsiders, the section shown in the video was greyboxed three months ago, but the small studio has achieved this level of visual fidelity in that short time, thanks to Unity’s power and flexibility, as well as the talented, Stockholm-based developers.