The Park launch trailer reminds us that kids are just terrible at drawing

The Park launch trailer

Funcom’s released their ‘psychological horror experience’ The Park, today, right on time for the spookiest week of the year. It’s a two-hour exploration of a rather unpleasant amusement park, relying on story and wandering rather than action. 

You can get up to speed by pointing your eyes in the direction of the launch trailer, below. 

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The Park is immediately evocative of Funcom’s haunting, wonderful written MMO, The Secret World, particularly the game’s second area, which also features a ghost and monster-infested amusement park. Even the character models remind me of the MMO.

Why, you may ask, do you need to explore said spooky park? Unfortunately it’s because you have lost your hyperactive child, who has thoughtlessly run into the park as naughty children are wont to do. Hunting down an errant brat does not sound like a particularly fun time, and I confess that I’d probably just write the kid off, get in my car and find somewhere less chilling to spend my day.

Since the game’s been inspired by The Secret World, it includes some bonus items that you can use in the MMO, including a “Killer Chipmunk” costume, which sounds wonderful. You can grab The Park on Steam for £7.69/$9.99. That’s with a 23% discount.

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