The PCGamesN Big Quiz of 2014


The year of 2014 might be behind us, trailing away in our rear view mirrors, but it ought to be remembered. It was chock full of news, games, drama and more games; some good, some bad and others just flat out weird. We’ve cooked up a quiz to test all your knowledge about what went down last year, and we challenge you to try it.

If you don’t, you’ll incur the wrath of our almighty GabeN, who will probably see fit to delay ‘you know what’ by another lifetime, or two.

Using the old and trusty Google Form, we’ve whipped up a wonderous quiz for everything PC gaming in 2014. So take a break from muching through those Christmas leftovers, and have a crack at our ultimate PC gaming quiz!

Once you’re done, check back in a couple of days for when we spill all the answers. We might even post the top scorers for all to see.

Many thanks to our friend Richard Cobbett for the questions, and lovely paintings!