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Square Enix’s cinematic action game The Quiet Man goes loud in a new trailer

Square Enix gives us another look at its upcoming cinematic action game The Quiet Man with a new gaemplay trailer

The Quiet Man

Square Enix has kept its lips shut about The Quiet Man since announcing it in June at E3. Back then, it was said that more information on the “cinematic action experience” would be coming in August. That’s the month we’re in now – and yes, we have a new trailer to watch.

Unfortunately, the new video is even shorter than The Quiet Man’s E3 trailer, and only offers a glimpse more at the game – including a hint at what the story of the upcoming game might be.

We get to see the deaf protagonist, called Dane, as he longingly looks at a songstress called Lala who works in Club Moonrise. Shortly after, she’s snatched away by a mysterious masked villain armed with an electric baton. This is all shown in live-action but after that the footage transitions into gameplay of Dane fighting thugs with some very hard-hitting punches – which we have seen before.

What is completely new in this trailer are hints towards something more occult to the game’s story. Bird beaks wrapped in red string, cryptic messages written with newspaper cutouts, a child’s drawing of the masked man, and a voodoo doll all appear for half a second at a time in the trailer.

Square Enix says the trailer showcases The Quiet Man’s “seamless blend of high-production live action and exhilarating gameplay.” As far as that gameplay goes, expect cutscenes to transition into combat, at least – beyond that it’s anyone’s guess. There could be puzzle solving but, given that Dane is deaf, probably not any dialogue choices to make.

It’s also been revealed that the whole game takes course over a single night – and can be completed in a single session – as Dane tries to discover the motives behind Lala’s kidnapping in this “soundless world.”

There’s no release date for The Quiet Man yet, but the trailer says it’s “coming soon.” When it does arrive, it’ll be available as a digital-only title on Steam for PC and PS4 at a price of $14.99.