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Excellent survival ARPG The Riftbreaker gets new DLC and a Steam sale

New The Riftbreaker DLC Heart of the Swamp takes players into a beautiful biome threatened by parasites in the base-building survival RPG.

Excellent mech-based survival ARPG The Riftbreaker gets free update and new story DLC - A yellow mech suit looks out over a mushroom-filled purple biome.

Blending the action RPG combat of Diablo with the base building of the best survival games such as Valheim, Rust, and Satisfactory, The Riftbreaker is a fantastic indie gem that you might have missed on Steam. Whether you’re already a fan or this is the first time you’re hearing of it, however, now is a great time to check in, as developer EXOR Studios launches a brand-new story DLC alongside a sizable free update that introduces a stunning new biome under threat from deadly parasites.

Originally launched in 2021, The Riftbreaker is a fantastic and often overlooked survival game. Think V Rising but with mechs instead of vampires, or Lightyear Frontier with high-speed ARPG combat, and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect – and yes, it’s just as satisfying as that sounds, with a resounding 90% Steam user rating to match. The arrival of its third DLC is accompanied by a hefty free content update for all players, and a celebratory Steam sale lets you get in at a discount if you’re new.

The Riftbreaker: Heart of the Swamp is the third expansion so far and focuses on a story-driven campaign taking place in the heart of a new biome, the Fungal Swamp. Before we dive into that, however, it’s worth covering the free update first, as it introduces the Fungal Swamp for all players regardless of whether or not you buy the new DLC. This beautiful ecosystem is localized in a sprawling river delta, and as the name suggests its warm temperatures and high humidity make it an ideal place for mushrooms to grow.

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As part of the free update, you’ll get access to two new survival mode scenarios set in the new biome – one a more traditional Riftbreaker experience allowing you to build out a sprawling base, the other on a flooded version of the biome where resources and building space are scarce, pushing your survival skills to their limits.

Here to help you out comes a selection of specialized buildings and defensive towers that can be built on water, and cross pipelines capable of handling two different liquids with pipeline junctions. You’ll gain access to some powerful new weaponry to defend yourself and your base with, including giant, community-inspired 3×3 defensive towers capable of completely locking down a zone.

There are a wealth of new creatures to meet, from fearsome foes to a special new friend, the Poogret, who you can feed to earn special rewards. You’ll also unlock over 70 new research items and technologies across your base and mech, and there are plenty of quality-of-life upgrades and performance improvements too.

The Riftbreaker Heart of the Swamp DLC - A mech explores a purple-tinged biome covered with mushrooms.

With the Heart of the Swamp DLC, you’ll also be able to explore the new story campaign, which sees you attempting to restore balance to the Fungal Swamp. At the new biome’s heart lies a vast, 100-meter fungus rather fittingly called the Great Mushroom Tree. Unfortunately, it’s been plagued by parasites, so you’ll need to investigate ways to counteract these troublemakers by researching the creatures and vegetation found in the swamp.

Along the way you unlock special campaign technologies unique to the Fungal Swamp biome – and you need them, because like the survival mode you also be faced with flooded zones that restrict your ability to explore and build. If you’re starting from scratch, the Heart of the Swamp story will be integrated into the main campaign, but if you have a completed adventure you can immediately jump into the new content.

The Riftbreaker Heart of the Swarm DLC - A mech approaches a giant fungal growth spewing out green gunk.

The Riftbreaker world expansion update and Heart of the Swamp DLC are out now. The update is free for all players; expect to pay $9.99 / £8.50 for Heart of the Swamp. You can also get the base game at a 45% discount through Thursday June 27, making it just $16.49 / £13.74 to get started. Head here to grab your copy now.

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