The Ship: Remasted docks with Steam Early Access nearly 10 years later


Please enjoy your obvious Monday morning pun. The Ship was one of the first games to fancy-up the prospect of killing fellow players and challenging you to do it without getting caught. Aboard a cruise ship out at sea in the ’20s, each player is given a target among the rest. The aim is to get them dead, not perish yourself and make sure you’re eating plenty to keep your strength up. An updated version has been a long-time coming since the first release, as a mod, in 2004, and the commercial release in 2006 with a failed Kickstarter for a sequel along the way. Now the HD/Remastered version has managed to make it to Early Access.

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It’s set to go live some time today. While the various game mechanics are available, it’s launching with only LAN support, dedicated servers promised for as soon after launch as they can manage. Devs Blazing Griffin are also still adding more traditional content like weapons and maps, after they’ve focused on clearing out the various bugs that are doubtlessly going to manifest as soon as they put it live.

They’ve put up various comparison videos to show how their levels have been transferred:

They think they’ll be done adding stuff within the next two months, but happily admit they don’t know how long the Early Access period of polishing and bug-catching will last beyond that. They’re not be doing the price-change shenanigans once they launch for real, sticking at $20 or local equivalents, but there’s a discount for those that own the original game.

Grab it on Steam once it’s up and ready.