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Doom composer Mick Gordon wants a remaster of Simpsons Hit and Run

Doom composer Mick Gordon, whose work also includes Atomic Heart, Wolfenstein, and Prey, offers a short but resonant message on a Simpsons Hit and Run remaster.

Simpsons Hit and Run Remastered remains the distant dream of many an adult gamer. For those of us who remember the halcyon days of 2003, and careening around the GTA-style open-world game as Homer, Lisa, et al, the idea of reliving Simpsons Hit and Run but with enhanced visuals and mechanics is mouthwatering – just like the last purple-filled donut. We’ve seen some fan projects take up the mantle, but an official version remains, so far, but a fantasy. Nevertheless, Doom, Wolfenstein, Atomic Heart, and Prey composer Mick Gordon – videogaming’s number one metal man, is dreaming with us, as he offers a short but sweet appeal for a Simpsons Hit and Run remaster.

Developed by Radical Entertainment, which would later create the Prototype superhero games, and serve as support for Bungie on the production of Destiny, Simpsons Hit and Run remains a cult classic, a Grand Theft Auto-inspired, sandbox mischief game starring the entire cast of the show.

Released for PC in November 2003, it’s almost 20 years since Simpsons Hit and Run first graced the gaming world, and with remakes like Silent Hill 2, Dead Space, Resident Evil 4, and Metal Gear Solid 3 currently en vogue, we’d like to think the time is right for a hi-res return to Springfield.

Back in March of this year, Hit and Run lead game designer Joe McGinn said they would “love” to see an official remake. Now, Mick Gordon, whose industrial-metal, guitar-shredding prowess brings to life Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein, and Atomic Heart, advocates for a Simpsons Hit and Run remaster: “Oi,” the composer writes on Twitter, alongside a GIF of Homer kicking Flanders across the floor. “This game needs a remaster.”

Simpsons Hit and Run remaster: A tweet from Doom composer Mick Gordon about a Simpsons Hit and Run remaster

An unofficial Simpsons Hit and Run remaster has been in production by YouTuber and game developer ‘Reubs,’ though it is not intended for public release, and instead serves as a showcase for how the game might look. You can see it in action below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Will we ever get an official Simpsons Hit and Run remaster, or maybe a full remake? Hey, everyone thought The Last Guardian was dead, and that the Final Fantasy 7 remake would never happen, so maybe, just maybe, this dream could become a reality. We’ll keep watching the skees. I mean, skies.

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