The Sims 4 is brave enough to call ‘the Child’ Baby Yoda

The Child or Baby Yoda? It's the second one, obviously

Disney Plus launched just over a month ago, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that Baby Yoda has been with us forever. The alien tot debuted in the first episode of The Mandalorian, and he’s been the subject of nonstop memes ever since. Now, merchandisers and licensees are finally free to capitalise on Baby Yoda madness, but most of them are making a critical mistake – they’re not calling Baby Yoda ‘Baby Yoda.’

The Sims 4 now has a statue of the little guy, technically titled The Child Statue – as all official merch of the character must apparently be named until the show finally gets around to the backstory. But the devs know what’s up – the in-game store says the character is “officially known as ‘The Child’ but affectionately referred to as ‘Baby Yoda,’” and will properly show up in the search results even if you type in the unofficial name.

All this is to say that yes, there’s now a Baby Yoda statue in The Sims 4 – but more than that, I think it’s time to reflect on how this obsession with the character developed. Would the memes have developed if the character had a name? Will they continue after we learn of the kid’s mysterious backstory? Will any of the Baby Yoda merch you bought actually arrive in time for Christamas?

For now, you can start building your own Baby Yoda shrine until we get those answers.

The Sims 4 already has a selection of Star Wars content, but the release of the Mandalorian and – soon – Rise of Skywalker means there’s plenty of room for Star Wars gaming outside of proper Star Wars games. But so far, The Sims is your only chance for Baby Yoda time.