Sims 4 build adds Harry Potter-style magic mall to EA’s life game

A Sims 4 build shows off a stunning new strip mall in Glimmerbrook that effectively brings Harry Potter's Diagon Ally into Maxis' iconic life game

A cartoon woman with short blond curly hair stands in a magical looking store with magical purple sparkles around her hands as she shrugs

A new Sims 4 build adds a spooktacular ‘occult strip mall’ to Maxis’ classic life game, allowing witches and wizards from across the Glimmerbrook universe to shop until they drop in an elegant Harry Potter-style emporium.

Need a new look in time for Halloween? Look no further than Sims YouTuber TownieSimsBuilds, who has added a whole new spooky strip mall to Glimmerbrook, the mystical realm accessible to those with The Sims 4: Realm of Magic pack.

Having demolished the once bustling tavern, Townie has completely replaced it with a chic looking gothic building, characterised by peaked roofs topped with spires, deep blood red brickwork, and circular stained glass windows.

The first floor of the spooky shopping paradise features a sleek looking boo-tique (ha ha) that perfectly caters for all of your occult outfit needs, as well as a Knockturn Alley-inspired black magic store that would make even Voldemort jealous. There’s a book store packed to bursting with non-aggressive tomes and crystalline broomsticks, and a small sitting area for you to enjoy some witch’s brew or Butterbeer from the café on the second floor.

Speaking of the second floor, there’s more than just an eatery. Directly above the creepy dark magic emporium is a beautiful, pastel coloured light magic store. This features ‘good dolls’ that calm your sim in a crisis, as well as a vast array of different spiritual artifacts. A potion shop (no potions included, just cauldrons) and a psychic shop finish off the upper floor, with the latter being Townie’s favourite of the bunch.

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Fancy meandering through Townie’s magical mall? The lot size is 30 by 20, meaning it’s relatively small and can be placed in a vast array of different worlds. If you want to add this haven of all things haunted to your world, you can check out Townie’s builds on The Sims 4 Gallery.

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