The Sims 4 build goes underground in Minecraft inspired design

One rather unique The Sims 4 build draws inspiration from fellow building game Minecraft with an underground house that hides all its amenities below ground

The Sims 4 underground build - a lady in a cardigan waves in front of a farm lot

We’ve seen plenty of cool Sims 4 house ideas in our time, but one rather unique The Sims 4 build eschews traditional design altogether to hide all its rooms underground with a design that its creator says is inspired by fellow building game Minecraft. It’s one of the more creative concepts we’ve come across in a while, and certainly offers plenty of inspiration for those looking to spice up their own Sims builds.

The ‘Underground Country House’ comes from creator ParanoiaFantasy, and at first glance it looks a little like you’ve stumbled across a regular farmhouse where the main building has yet to be built. In its place stands a rectangular space sectioned off by a fence, with a grid of glass floors hinting at the prospect of something lurking under the surface.

That ‘something’ is a rather snazzy-looking multi-level floor plan with a rather stunning centrepiece garden that draws its light from the glass roof set in the ground at surface level. There’s two open-plan living areas, a kitchen, dining room, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. It’s like its own little ecosystem, and looks like it’d be a very fun place to spend your time.

If you do fancy moving your Sims family in, The Underground Country House is available on EA’s official The Sims 4 gallery, where you can get it for yourself and explore it in-game.

Once you’ve settled in, the best Sims 4 mods offer plenty of additional ways to customise your game. Alternatively you can spice up your game with custom content courtesy of the best Sims 4 CC, if you prefer. If you still haven’t tried out one of the most iconic games of all time, you can play The Sims 4 free now, so there’s no reason not to jump in and see what manner of distinctive designs you can create.