CurseForge Sims 4 partnership means mod manager is coming

The CurseForge Sims 4 mod partnership means that any new fan CC will all be in one safe place, allowing for fans to make easy amendments to Maxis' life game

CurseForge Sims 4 partnership means mod manager is coming: A cartoon man of colour with black, short dreads stands with his hand on his chin with a puzzled expression

The CurseForge Sims 4 mods partnership was announced during the Behind the Sims livestream, which lifted the veil on what the future of the iconic life game looks like. Mods will now be available via CurseForge, ensuring that they’re aggregated in the one place.

In the announcement video for the partnership, CurseForge states “The Sims 4 players will be able to find, install, and play their mods and custom content on a platform made solely for them. Get ready for a better, safer, easier, and much more fun way to enjoy The Sims 4.”

Uri Marchland, co-founder and CEO of Overwolf (owners of CurseForge) says that the move was inspired by “the creativity and special role that modders and custom content creators have in The Sims 4.”

Marchland states that CurseForge hopes to “create a better experience for Sims players,” noting that the platforms will “address many, many pain points.” This includes a custom Sims mod manager, which will allow to create a library of mods. It will also automatically remove broken or duplicate mods, as well as keep your custom content updated. The mod manager will be released to players in beta form soon to help gather feedback.

The feature will also help modding newbies learn how to add custom content to their games. As a modding novice, this is right up my street – especially because every time I try to mod any game I wind up breaking it.

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If you’re worried that your favourite mods will vanish when CurseForge takes over, don’t! The manager works for all mods, even those that aren’t on the CurseForge platform.

The plus with all of this is that CurseForge is a safe modding system. While installing any mod comes with an element of risk, CurseForge remains diligent in its practices to stamp out low quality, virus-ridden content. Having everything in the one place is much easier than visiting a thousand dodgy websites and earning the ire of your antivirus software.

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