Sims 4 pack brings classic RPG Dragon Age to EA’s free game

A new Sims 4 pack brings a touch of classic RPG Dragon Age to EA’s free game, adding new items to Sims 4 CAS mode as we await the Sims 5 release date

Sims 4 pack brings classic RPG Dragon Age to EA’s free game. Two Sims work together in an office wearing Dragon Age RPG game themed outfits

A new Sims 4 pack pays homage to beloved RPG Dragon Age, adding new clothing items to CAS mode and the ever-expansive EA free game, as we all anticipate the upcoming Project Rene, the Sims 5 release date, and BioWare’s Dragon Age Dreadwolf.

Published by EA, Dragon Age Dreadwolf is still largely a mystery, with only a recently released cinematic trailer offering us details on the Dragon Age Inquisition sequel. Nevertheless, if you’re a big fan of the fantasy game, you can start showing your love in Sims 4 thanks to a new, official crossover, which adds Dragon Age-based shirts, hats, and tattoos to Create-A-Sim mode, so your personal proxy can celebrate your game tastes, too.

Available thanks to an automatic Sims 4 SDX update from December 1, there are masculine and feminine t-shirts in various designs and colours, as well as a unisex baseball cap and a range of unisex tattoo options.

The best Sims 4 packs and creators have already delivered a lot of great customisation options, but an official crossover not only brings some fresh style to the life game, but ups the hype for the next Dragon Age chapter, which focuses on the eponymous Elven god, Dreadwolf, and his seemingly insidious plans to usher in a new dark era.

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You can grab screenshots of your Sims in the crossover garb and fire them over to the official Dragon Age Twitter, which will be running a best-of gallery on December 12.

In the meantime, try out some of the best Sims 4 mods, or perhaps some useful Sims 4 cheats if you want to get an easy boost in the tricky life game. The next Sims chapter can’t be far off either, at least according to everything we know about the Sims 5 release date. Can’t wait that long? Try out some other best games like Sims available on your PC now.