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The Sims 4 is celebrating Hispanic heritage month with free content

Grill up some new recipes and redecorate with new Hispanic heritage items in The Sims 4

Hispanic Heritage month runs September 15 – October 15 in the US, and to celebrate, The Sims 4 has added a bunch of new items and recipes. There’s an entire menu’s worth of new foods to whip up, plus new outdoor decorations, clothing, and more. Best of all, it’s all free.

The Sims team collaborated with SOMOS EA, the publisher’s Hispanic/Latinx employee resource group, to create the Hispanic Heritage month DLC package. In it, you’ll find the new Chiminea, which is a free-standing clay cooking pit that you can place on your Sims’ patio. You can use it to grill up new recipes like asado, grilled plantains, chimis, elotes, and pollo a la brasa.

There’s other new outdoor decor, too, including pottery, arbor, and a Filetado-inspired sign that can go inside or out. There’s a new colourfully painted dining set of a table and chairs, and new clothing items that sport designs inspired by Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Mister Cartoon. There’s plenty here to support a terrific backyard party, and none of your guests will leave hungry.

Over on its official site, EA has also reproduced a full recipe for real-life chimis, which are Dominican burgers made with pork or beef and served with pickled cabbage and a mix of mayonnaise and ketchup called mayuketchu. Yum.

The Sims 4 will be adding “at least a hundred” new skin tones toward the end of the year, which will help address the game’s long-standing neglect of non-white characters. We’ve also just discovered an Among Us mod for The Sims 4, which you’ll find useful if you’ve ever found yourself wanting more murdery aliens running around your neighborhood.