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The Sims 4 mod adds a ‘Royals Pack’ that comes with pre-built estates

A new The Sims 4 mod adds a 'Royals Pack', which is a port of a The Sims 3 mod for the life game that lets you play around with two royal families and homes

The Sims 4 mod adds a 'Royals Pack' that comes with pre-built estates: close up of a womens face in The Sims 4 character creator

A The Sims 4 mod adds multiple royal families and homes to one of the best life games, reintroducing a modder’s previous work from The Sims 3 into the soon to be free The Sims 4. So if you fancy getting fancy and introducing some royal families into your game, you can download The Sims 4 mod now, and one of them even has a fan written backstory too.

Developed by Jupiter, The Sims 4 mod “Royals Pack” adds two royal families to the game, the Bartonia-Cwik and the Buckinghams. Both also come with a pre-built royal estate, alongside The Sims 4 DLC Get Famous, which is all about celebrities and introduces a lot of clothes, house items, and more.

“I may add additional content, or make it a full mod in the future, but until then, just enjoy the Royal content :),” says Jupiter, so we could potentially see an expansion of what the mod does down the line.

Jupiter also edited a The Sims Wiki page about the Bartonia-Cwik royal family, with the family unit actually based off of a marriage mentioned in a newspaper in The Sims 3. You can learn even more about the origin of the family and their royal estate, if some buried Sims fan lore is up your alley.

There are seven characters in this The Sims 4 mod across three generations, and they have a difficulty level of six with Simoleons amounting to 41,200. You can find the royal families The Sims 4 mod on Nexus Mods, alongside any and all information you’ll need to get the mod working on your PC.

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