Sims 4 uses “psychological profiling” to pick what DLC you should buy

As The Sims 4 becomes a free game, fans on Steam are being offered a “psychological profiling quiz” by EA to determine which Sims DLC they ought to buy

Sims 4 uses “psychological profiling” to pick what DLC you should buy: A Sim from free game The Sims 4 by EA

The Sims 4 players on Steam can take a “psychological profiling quiz” developed by a “team of marketing scientists” that will “match your personality to the perfect Sims pack”. It comes as The Sims 4 relaunches as a free game, with developer EA charging solely for DLCs and expansions, ahead of the new Project Rene and the Sims 5 release date.

“The Sims 4 has a lot of content packs,” the quiz, accessible from the game’s Steam homepage, explains. “Obviously, you can’t buy them all. Technically, though, you actually can. But maybe you just don’t want to! Well, what if we were to tell you that a team of marketing scientists had developed a psychological profiling quiz that will match your personality to the perfect Sims pack? Because that’s what we’re telling you.”

The quiz posits a series of questions regarding how you would respond to various situations likely to occur when playing The Sims. These include asking how you would spend 600 Simoleons, how you would react if a fire broke out in your Sims’ home, and what you consider to be the ideal way to pass time during a thunderstorm.

After completing the short quiz, you will then be awarded a Sims 4 Steam sticker that corresponds with a particular DLC. If you get the pet lover sticker, for example, that signals you should try the Cats and Dogs expansion. The sorcerer sticker indicates the Realm of Magic pack, and so on. You can try it out for yourself on Steam.

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