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New Sims 4 roadmap hints at a wedding party game pack

The first Sims 4 roadmap for 2022 has arrived

Two Sims 4 characters look at the camera while confetti explodes in the background

It’s 2022, and we’re starting down a new road for The Sims 4. The devs have just revealed the roadmap for the first three months of content this year, and while it’s all hints and teasers right now, it’s looking likely that the next major game pack is going to be focused on wedding parties. The coming quarter will also bring us a pair of new kits and, everyone’s favourite, free food.

The roadmap is labelled “Simthing to Celebrate”, and leads off with “a game pack that throws a party for love”. Now, I’m not sure how many love-related types of parties there are in the world, but it’s tough to imagine anything fitting that bill better than a wedding party – and the background of the image features wedding rings and cakes.

The devs have confirmed that this roadmap covers the next three months of content, so expect that pack to launch by March 31. (Maybe in time for Valentine’s Day.) We’ll also get “two vibrant kits that celebrate fierce design” and a selection of “free global food items to bring sims together”.

Notably absent from the list, however, is any mention of a new expansion pack, so it looks like we’ll have to wait at least until spring for major new content. Historically, new Sims 4 expansion packs have tended to release in summer or autumn.

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