The Sims 4’s first free SDX content drop arrives today, with more to come

The Sims 4's new free content rollout system is underway

The new Sims Delivery Express hairstyle in The Sims 4

Back in October, Maxis detailed the Sims Delivery Express, or SDX, for The Sims 4. Basically, these will be tiny updates delivered for free, in-game. They’re smaller than proper game updates, they can be distributed more regularly, and they’ll bring new create-a-Sim options, new build mode items, or small game fixes. The first one is now live.

When you next boot The Sims 4, you’ll see an in-game notification telling you that the first SDX drop is live. Once it’s downloaded – which will be basically instantaneous in this case – you’ll be prompted to restart the game to see the new content. You can choose how often the game looks for new SDX drops, or whether it downloads them automatically, from the options menu.

The first drop, which should be available now, is a new hairstyle. You can see what it looks like above, and that’s pretty much all the help you’re going to get finding it in create-a-Sim – there doesn’t appear to be any clear highlight of the new addition in-game.

A single hairstyle is pretty minor, but as previously announced, the next SDX drop is set to land next week. This one will feature an array of holiday-themed items, as you can see below.

Holiday build mode items for the Sims 4, delivered via Sims Delivery Express

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