The Sims 4 gets over 1,000 new swatches in a free update

A new, free update for The Sims 4 has added over a thousand new colour variations

A group of sims marvel over the new swatch options in the latest Sims 4 update

The Sims 4 is getting a selection of new, internationally-themed kit packs soon, but that’s not what has players excited today. The real hype is in a free game update that adds over 1,000 new swatches to items in the base game. These new colour variations are spread across over 100 items, and should make coordinating your colours far easier from here on.

149 items have new colour options, adding up to a total of 1,200 new variations. There’s far too many to list here, so you can head to the official site to see them all, but the most pertinent detail is the fact that far more wood grain items now come in matching shades. So you won’t have to have a coffee table out of step with the rest of your house any longer.

This free update is out today, and two new kit packs are coming on October 5. The Incheon Arrivals kit focuses on Korean fashion, while the Fashion Street kit will put the focus on Indian styles.

The Spa Day refresh landed earlier this month, bringing another free set of improvements to existing Sims 4 content.

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