The Sims 4 gets new careers and stocking fillers in a free festive update

The Sims 4 update

While The Sims series is infamous for the number of expansions and bits of DLC that are churned out for them, Maxis currently seems content to keep adding free updates to The Sims 4. Halloween brought ghosts and pools, and the festive season’s bringing a slew of new toys to play with and careers to embark upon. 

The meatiest of the new additions are the four new career paths for business-minded folks and athletes. The sporty types can become professional athletes and body builder, while those who dream of that corner office can go down the management and investor paths.

Along with the new jobs are new career-specific outfits and four new unlockable rooms in build mode. Affecting all jobs are chance cards, which can give Sims a boost up the corporate ladder or bury their promotion chances.

Rounding off the free festive treats is the Holiday Celebration Pack, a stocking full of Christmas decorations and novelty outfits.

To get the career update, all you need to do is fire up The Sims 4 on Origin. The Holiday Celebration Pack requires a bit more work. In the game’s main menu, click on the banner advertising the pack, click on the pop-up that appears – that puts it in your shopping cart – and then confirm the order. No payment will go through, it’s free.

Free stuff, it’s the real meaning of Christmas.