The Square Enix Christmas Surprise: swing six mystery Steam games for a fiver

Square Enix Christmas Surprise

There are two problems commonly connected with buying yourself a Christmas present, which are a) the associated pang of sadness, which should disappear within two to four weeks, and b) the fact that you already know what it is and that’s a bit rubbish.

The Square Enix Christmas Surprise totally sorts out the second of those issues. Put down a fiver, and you’re guaranteed six mystery games from their catalogue. You’ll know who published it, and that it’s on Steam – but the exact contents will be a mystery until Thursday.

“This year we have created something special for you, our fans,” write the publisher. “A Christmas Surprise bulging with delights.”

The cost is £4.99, and the promise a “surprise selection” of six of the publisher’s “most exciting” Steam games. We’ve no idea what sort of release timescale we’re looking at here, but Squeenix say they’ll be worth over £70 at RRP in total.

The deal will run till December 18, at which point Square Enix will tell us what’s in the box and deliver its contents. It’s only available in the Square Enix Store – but buyers will be issued with keys they can activate through their Steam accounts.

Boxes can be gifted, too, if you’d prefer to buy a present in the more traditional sense. But when did tradition ever get us more games, eh?