The Stanley Parable sells over a million copies; “The Narrator decided not to tell Stanley”

The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable is the story of an office drone who looks up from his desk to find his workplace deserted. It began life as a Source mod, and grew last year into a standalone work of quiet genius.

The game introduced a wonderful twist to PC gaming’s traditional malevolent AI routine. Its narrator, the English actor Kevan Brighting, begins Stanley’s story in the time-honoured mode of BBC audiobooks – but becomes rueful, flabbergasted and downright grumpy as the player begins to contradict the tale he’s telling.

Sound like fun? A million other PC gamers thought so.

“A few years ago no one had any idea who I was,” mused co-creator Davey Wreden on Twitter. “Today the stanley parable has sold a million copies. Thank you.”

“One million copies!!,” added Wreden’s British counterpart, William Pugh.

The Narrator, Brighting, recorded his own thoughts on the momentous milestone in-character.

“The Narrator decided not to tell Stanley. It might make him fractious. Or big-headed,” he tweeted. And then later: “The Narrator relented. He sent Stanley a congratulations card and a check for $8. There was no way he would send $427. There are limits.”

The Stanley Parable was released a year ago last Friday, and earned its own Dota 2 Announcer Pack in May. I last played it yesterday, as a matter of fact. It’s still deliciously reactive and terribly funny. How did you find it?