The Surge gameplay footage shows its gruesome decapitations and scary robots

The Surge gameplay

I’m keeping one tech-infused eye on The Surge, one of Focus Home’s library of could-be-good looking games, this from developers Deck 13. It’s doing a lot of things I’m very into, from sci-fi stylings to action RPG playstyle. However, until now I was worried about how this might actually transition into an actual game – would it be fun? Would it look cool? Well, it turns out, they’ve managed to make “men in giant robo-suits hitting each other with chainsaws” not suck. Hooray!

Have a read of Fraser’s The Surge preview for more on the game.

The footage came out of the recent preview event, but hasn’t been put into an official gameplay trailer. So here it is, with a little introduction from yours truly:

Obviously this stuff is a little disjointed but the all-important quality is there. It has a striking brutal sci-fi style, just enough flashy bits to place it firmly in the unreal, but with a weight to everything that provides a sense of realism. Everything’s loud, and massive, and scarier for it. I’m looking forward to seeing more, and we have a lot of trailers and previews to come before the 2017 release date, I’m sure.

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