Super Best Friends Play comes to an end as creators go their separate ways

The Canadian YouTubers have called it quits, saying their friendship has dissolved.

After nine years of creating zany YouTube videos, podcasts, and other gaming-related media, the creators of the Super Best Friends Play team have parted ways, ending their partnership and shutting down the brand.

The Montreal, Quebec-based trio announced the end to Super Best Friends Play in a video posted early Sunday morning. Matthew Kowalewski, Patrick Boivin, and Woolie Madden each recorded video segments explaining the decision to bring their long-running partnership to an end, and providing some details on what they’ll be doing going forward.

“Super Best Friends Play is ending,” Madden said. “It doesn’t make it any easier to hear, but we’re just going to be real with you: Matt and Pat are no longer friends.”

Madden said the business side of Super Best Friends Play has eroded the personal friendship between Kowalewski and Boivin on which their original YouTube series had been founded, and that it had gotten “less and less fun” for them to record new content together.

“We are not all disappearing from the internet, or anything like that,” Kowalewski said. “The Super Best Friends main channel will still be preserved online.”

Further, the three hosts each have side projects and streaming channels that they’ll be continuing to use post-breakup.

Here’s the final video on their main channel, TheSw1tcher, which has amassed more than 750,000 followers since its launch.

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Kowalewski and Boivin (who met thanks to their mutual friendship with Madden) began as contributors to Machinima, which hosted their Two Best Friends Play series that started them on their rise to popularity. They quickly branched out and began creating longer-running let’s play series, and while the pair focused primarily on console games, PC games featured heavily into their diet as well – particularly during October, when they’d record themselves playing a different horror game every day in the lead-up to Halloween.

Now that they’ve parted ways, they’ll each be producing content on their own. Madden will be focusing on his YouTube channel, Woolie Versus, which he calls “a giant katamari of shitposts, reboot video essays, full LPs, and Kirby lore.” He’ll also be streaming on his Twitch channel twice a week. He has also launched a new podcast called Woolie Will Figure it Out.

Kowalewski will be creating more scripted and produced YouTube videos at his channel, the Matt McMuscles Flophouse, where he plans to post movie and game reviews, stuff about his cats, and “edgy childhood retrospectives.” He has also been working on an arcade beat ‘em up called The TakeOver, which is currently in early access on Steam.

For his part, Boivin plans on focusing on his Twitch channel, where he streams games with his girlfriend Paige and their cat, Elmo.

The Super Best Friends leave behind a huge trove of videos and podcasts, as well as innumerable memes. We’ll be looking forward to seeing what they all do next.

Top image credit: Super Best Friends Play