Be a guinea pig and play the free Talos Principle demo

The Talos Principle demo

It’s a bleak, damp evening up here in gloomy Scotland, so it’s fortuitous that Croteam and Devolver Digital has chucked a tech demo for The Talos Principle up on Steam. 

If you take it for a spin, you’ll be faced with four puzzles of increasing complexity set inside a simulation of ancient ruins, linked by fancy technology. Nothing that an AI searching for answers to philosophical quandaries shouldn’t be able to handle. 

You’ll be able to play the full game on December 11th. 

Last month, a free prequel, Sigils of Elohim, was launched as well. Solving the puzzles there, on Steam or mobile devices, can net you rewards in The Talos Principle, so if you are thinking of grabbing the game – which you can now pre-order – you might want to fiddle around with Tetris-like blocks in the prequel first.

The tech demo and prequel are free, and The Talos Principle is 10 percent off, at the moment, and you’ll get a giftable copy of Serious Sam 3 for pre-ordering it.