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The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna will fill your brain with puzzles soon

Road to Gehenna release date

Update: It’s out now. Watch the launch trailer below. 

The Talos Principle’s four-episode bit of DLC, titled Road to Gehenna, will blink into existence this month, chucking more philosophical quandaries and tricky puzzles right at your squishy brain.

Here’s the launch trailer:

Road to Gehenna’s launching on July 23rd, taking players to a hidden part of the simulation as Elohim’s messenger, Uriel, who has a bunch of trapped souls to free.

Jules reviewed The Talos Principle when it launched, and while he thought the puzzles were good stuff, he wasn’t as impressed with the way they felt disconnected to the story.

“While the puzzles are great the game feels like a developer build. The team have reused artwork and sounds from the Serious Sam games, giving everything a place-holder feel. The layout of hubs, teleporters, and puzzles rooms dotted about the place feels haphazard, like a developer’s test environment. You could reason it away behind a story of a testing God but it doesn’t make it any more fun to play.”

Jules is dead now, though, so The Talos Principle got the last laugh.