The Technomancer gives Martian wildlife a kicking in combat trailer

The Technomancer

Eventually, surely, Blood Bowl and Mordheim publishers Focus Home Interactive will ask character sheet specialists Spiders to make a 40K Inquisitor RPG. Until then there’s The Technomancer, about a Warhammerish cybernetic mage-warrior fighting to escape their past on a Mars wracked by war over water.

Hoping for BioWare on Mars? Play one of the best PC RPGs in the meantime.

The party-based RPG is built on third-person combat that comes in three varieties: long-range shooty staff, close-up stabby-dodge, and defensive bludgeon-blocking. All three are interwoven with electrical technomancy, and are the subject of this new trailer.

Spiders have experimented with timing-critical combat before – most notably in their other red planet RPG Mars: War Logs – and why not? The Witcher’s stance system worked wonderfully, I thought.

The studio promise a modular equipment crafting system befitting a colony cut off from Earth for 120 years, and quests with up to five possible solutions. The video is very much alpha, but The Technomancer will be out sometime next year. Interested?

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