The Techomancer’s E3 trailer shows off electrically-charged, inbred supersoldiers


In The Technomancer you take control of a space warrior who can wield the power of electricity. On top of this, they’re proficient with a variety of melee weapons. Oh, and they’re inbred. Yes.

I’m pretty confident none of the games in our list of PC’s best RPGs feature an inbred protagonist.

“Do you wanna know why Technomancers are degenerates?” asks the new trailer in its opening seconds. “We are all inbreds,” the narrator answers. Oh, okay then.

It’s an interesting way to open a trailer, that’s for sure. I hope we get to select how many webbed toes your character has in the character creation screen.

The trailer then contrasts that bravery by backing it all with a cover of House of the Rising Sun.

I really don’t know what to think about this RPG, but surely it can’t be any worse than Bound By Flame.

One advantage The Technomancer has over that fantasy travesty of an RPG is the setting: Mars. Playing an RPG set on the red planet in a future where everyone’s fighting over the water supply should at least provide some novelty.

There’s definitely a bit of a Mad Max vibe from the latest footage, with all the sand, jury-rigged vehicles and post-apocalyptic eyewear on show. Have a watch of the trailer below: