The Town of Light’s creepy asylum-horror unleashed today

The Town of Light

The Town of Light, first game from Italian indie studio LKA, looks to depict the common videogame horror hunting ground of an asylum without the jumpscares and supernatural elements that so often take over. Kirk was mighty impressed in his Town of Light preview last month and now it’s arriving, launching on Steam and Humble at a discounted price of £12.45 / $16.90 for the first couple of weeks.

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Here’s the launch trailer, introducing main character Renée and the hellish place she inhabits, Volterra:

For those that might not be caught up, Volterra is not some made up building, but a real asylum in Italy that was shut down in the ’70s. WhileRenée herself is a fictional character, her experiences are based on real accounts of what happened there across 40 years of cruelty towards the mentally ill. She returns to the asylum in its dilapidated state to get answers about her past there.

Luca Dalco, creative director, said that he was “really proud” of the game and what first time developers had managed to achieve, while promising to support the game post-launch and simultaneously finish up development on an Xbox One version. There’s 7,000 square metres of Volterra simulated, through which various story threads can be followed, with different conclusions based on your actions.

Steam page is not taking pre-orders but it will be live there soon, while Humble’ll happily take your money now if you want. According to Steam, it should go live in about nine hours, at 6pm UK time, 10am PST.