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The Turing Test uses sci-fi to explore the real-life possibility of life on Europa

One of the Square Enix Collective's group of games, The Turing Test is a Portal-style first-person puzzler about exploring the possibility of life existing on Jupiter's ice-moon Europa. It's a sci-fi story but, as explained in this new trailer from E3, they're exploring a real-life possibility.

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All the info on that in the below trailer.

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Looks pretty good, and should be hitting early access in the near future. There was a demo released while it was a part of the collective campaign, though it's no longer available as far as we can tell. More info over on the official site, though it's yet to appear on Steam.

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AnAuldWolf avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

Considering how much I loved Portal 2, to the point where I still head in there at least once a week to check out the latest community maps for both single-player and co-op? And considering how much I dug the Talos Principle? I'm certainly up for more of this sort of thing.

I wish first person puzzlers were more common. It felt for a while like we were going through a Renaissance of them with QUBE (pretty good), Antechamber (really good), Quantum Conundrum (shush, I loved it), Magrunner (also pretty decent), and so on. And then they sort of dried up. The Witness doesn't really count because it's not the same sort of thing.

So... yes. More of this! Please. I'm at a point in my life where I'm getting really tired of the excesses of games about 'KILLIN SHIT' and even more tired of how xenophobic they are, pitting Aryan-esque humans against aliens and fantasy races because apparently humans are shitbags that can't get along with anyone and need revisionist history just to not look like monsters. Tired of that. I'm human, I'm not a xenophobic shitbag!

If anything, I'm exactly the opposite of that, which is exactly where my weariness comes from and what it's fuelled by. I like that Chell just wanted to escape and didn't need to murder anyone. I loved how much fun Atlas and P-Body were having.

Sometimes it feels like I'm stuck in a crazy MURDERVERSE, what with the current trends in video games, movies, and so on. Any reprieve from that is a good thing. I mean, I can take a bit of violence every now and then, but it's not this fetish that sustains me as it seems to be for most people???

I'd rather be exploring alien planets, immersing myself in lore, doing jump puzzles, and solving environment not-jumping puzzles. In some ways, I feel that Uru: Ages Beyond Myst was one of the high points of video game history for me. It wasn't perfect, but it checked so many boxes. I loved all the exploration, and that I could do all this with my partner even more.