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The Turing Test is a first-person puzzler from the devs behind Battalion 1944

The Turing Test

Not content with one game, the folks at Bulkhead Interactive – who recently successfully Kickstarted Battalion 1944 – have popped up again with The Turing Test, an altogether different beast. Set a bit into the future, it’s about an astronaut, Ava Turing, exploring Jupiter’s moon Europa. Based on the name and a mysterious, rather threatening little robot chap who keeps popping up, there will probably be some dealings with the nature of AI in its mysterious narrative.

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It’s hitting PCs (plus the Xbox) in August of this year. Here’s the announcement trailer:

Not sure you could get much further from a World War 2 multiplayer-only shooter if you tried. Bulkhead is made of a merger between two studios that included the team behindPneuma: Breath of Life, a similarly mysterious explore-’em-up from early last year. It’s the same folks working on this now.

“Introspection and morality” forms the core of the narration, according to them. The puzzles are presented as tests that “only a human could solve” – hence the game’s name – and completed using an ‘Energy Manipulation Tool’ that lets you move power from one location to another. That means manipulating massive machinary, powering androids, and probably getting a bit sad about having to depower (kill) them later on.

A bunch more over on the official site, including some gorgeous looking environments and a couple of shots of the EMT in action.