Join us as we endure apocalyptic misery in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

Let's Play The Walking Dead season 3 episode 1

It’s a tough world out there, especially when that world is Robert Kirkman’s continuing story of survival horror: The Walking Dead. Telltale’s videogame series set in the same world continues today with the start of season three, and Phil and Matt have decided to see if they can make all the right decisions in episode one: Ties That Bind. 

There’s more episodes of The Walking Dead to come in 2017, alongside these other upcoming games.

Presented above is the entire episode with full commentary from Phil and Matt. And we can assure you it’s packed to the grisly rafters with sadness, rotting corpses, and excruciating dialogue choices. Playing as new character Javier, there’s more than just the issues of self-preservation to consider: there’s two teenagers, a sister-in-law, and a casual drug habit to think about, too.

If you’d love to watch us play the episode but would rather we just shut up so you could hear what all the characters are saying, you can see the entirety of The Ties That Bind: Part One without our commentary in the video below.

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