The Walking Dead: Michonne trailer shows off first six, action-packed, blood-stained minutes

The Walking Dead: Michonne

Telltale’s next entry in their Walking Dead series that shot them from underappreciated episodic game makers – Tales of Monkey Island is excellent, okay? – to the modern masters of storytelling they’re respected as today is based around Michonne, a character from the comic books and TV series, and her time spent away from the main storyline in a recent arc. Across a thirteen-issue run in 2014 she was nowhere to be found, and this will tell that tale. In a new trailer, the first few minutes of that story are shown off.

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Have a watch, though it comes about as recommended for the squemish as the TV show does:

Michonne, for the uninitiated, is a bit of a stone-cold badass, as you probably could tell from the above. She’s certainly far more of a fighter than the other heroes we’ve dealt with in Telltale’s games, more capable and generally armed, as well as expert in ways to take out zombies having travelled with the main group for so long. I didn’t get up to this point in the comics, but based on the TV show and the first couple of dozen issues I did read, she’s been through more harrowing experiences than even this universe’s ludicrously high average. Written right, she should be a very interesting character to play as.

They’ve sadly not been able to get TV actress Danai Gurira to reprise her role in the game, but have secured the talents of Samira Wiley, who the Netflix-fanatical among you will recognise as the utterly fantasticPoussey Washington from Orange Is The New Black. She’ll put in a good performance.

The story of the first game is laid out on the Telltale website, and involves Michonne hooking up with a group of survivors, discovering the site of a massacre and setting out to find out who caused it. Presumably, lots of really awful things will happen along the way to keep us interested, we’ll decide the fates of nicely drawn characters, and kill a lot of zombies.

It’s going to be told over just a three episode run-time, versus the Telltale standard five or six, and that might be enough to get me to play it. Recognisable characters, telling an interesting story, and wrapped up fast enough that it has no time to drag or get distracted. If this structure also allows Telltale to stick to a regular schedule, it may become their norm.