Former Elder Scrolls devs’ RPG The Wayward Realms gets a spooky, Skyrim-like trailer

The Wayward Realms is a new fantasy RPG from devs who worked on The Elder Scrolls, and it's got a spooky new trailer

The Wayward Realms Lullaby trailer is distinctly Skyrim-like, but creepier

Open-world fantasy game The Wayward Realms is an upcoming “grand RPG” from several of the developers behind The Elder Scrolls series. Now, OnceLost Games has released a creepy new trailer that conjures at atmosphere somewhat reminiscent of fantasy greats like Skyrim – or perhaps even The Lord of the Rings.

It’s been over ten years since Skyrim and there’s still no real sign that The Elder Scrolls VI will be out anytime soon – so now’s the perfect time for The Wayward Realms, a more Daggerfall-like fantasy RPG with a massive procedurally-generated world, from several of the original developers behind the first two The Elder Scrolls games.

It’s been over five months since the first teaser trailer and now developer OnceLost has a new, creepier glimpse at the RPG with the “Lullaby” trailer below. It’s a little bit like a spookier version of the Skyrim teaser, or even Amazon’s recent Lord of the Rings series title reveal – only with more undead nightmares.

The lyrics also offer a small hint at the locations and events of the game, with the mention of a place called Daelle “[bathing] in fire” and somewhere called Sidh trembling “to Sarkanic roars”. It’s a nice tease for sure, but the undead lord on his creepy throne is the highlight of the trailer.

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There’s still no hint as to when The Wayward Realms will release, but as The Elder Scrolls VI is still only in pre-production four years after its announcement, OnceLost’s RPG has a good shot at getting here first. Let’s hope we won’t be waiting long for a proper gameplay trailer. Meanwhile, here are the best RPGs on PC.