The Westport Independent is bringing journalism ethics to games later this month

The Westport Independent

While it might not be as pressing a concern as a games journalist being sent a promotional t-shirt or a woman delivering a feminist critique about a piece of art, it’s a sad fact of life that some newspapers have a political bias. The Westport Independent aims to explore the latter while cruelly ignoring the former.

Will The Westport Independent make it into our list of the best indie games on PC?

It’s Papers, Please for the… well, the papers. The Westport Independent places you as the editor for The Independent and asks you to straddle the line between delivering the news and keeping the cowardly Loyalist government yourbrave and mighty leaders happy.

Whether you’re downplaying the effectiveness of rebel attacks on government forces or kissing official arse, you have to keep the powers that be happy if you don’t want to disappear.

It’s an interesting concept, especially in our medium where corrupt officials are usually dealt with by sending someone like Rico Rodriguez to fly a plane into their mustachio-sporting face.

The truth – or at least a version of it – is heading to Steam, along with The Westport Independent, on January 21. In the meantime, here’s a launch trailer:

Cheers, PCGamer.