Alaskan-based co-op survival game The Wild Eight gets intriguing new trailer

The Wild Eight

Now I know it’s easy to drift off to sleep and let the cold take you when you hear the words “procedurally-generated survival sim with crafting”, but The Wild Eight is looking genuinely interesting, despite being a game that can be described using those dreaded words. 

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It’s based around co-op, so players have to work together to survive here, though, choosing from eight statistically different characters. From its top-down perspective, you have to team up to hunt animals, build shelter and explore its freezing, low-poly wilderness.

The snow hides plenty of surprises too, like abandoned facilities, cave networks, lonely shacks and secret labs.

“The Wild Eight is an unforgiving multiplayer survival game set in a stunning procedurally-generated Alaska, full of mystery and danger,” says the blurb. “Explore, hunt and craft shoulder-to-shoulder with friends or random players online. Unless you are brave enough to survive this nightmare on your own?”

Embedded above, the survival game’s overview trailer gives players a taste of what’s in store. It’s looking great. On Steam, The Wild Eight is marked as “coming soon”.