Alaskan survival simulator The Wild Eight sets up base camp on Steam Early Access

The Wild Eight Cave

Setting up shop before it journeys deeper into the icy wilderness, the top down co-op survival simulator The Wild Eight has made camp on Steam Early Access. Set in the frozen reaches of Alaska, The Wild Eight tasks players as one of eight plane crash survivors, who must somehow escape the frigid wastes.

For all your virtual survivalists, these PC survival games make see you through.

As is the case with many survival games, this involves a healthy dose of foraging around for food, building a base camp and slaughtering anyone or anything that looks like it could be edible. With there being seven other survivors kicking around, it is up to the player to make alliances, or go full on Predator and hunt down anything that has a pulse.

While the Wild Eight is procedurally generated, you’ll always start in the wreckage of your crashed plane and there will be various outposts and locations to explore around the map. In the launch date reveal trailer above, you can see a survivor entering what looks like an abandoned military research station. If there is anything about abandoned Arctic research stations, it’s that something inevitably goes wrong there, so be careful if you go poking around. A flamethrower might help to stop any shapeshifting aliens hiding within.

Unlike other survival games where you only have one life, The Wild Eight has you spawning back into the same world if you die. You do drop all of your equipment upon death, so sprint back to your body before someone else loots your belongings. If you manage to make your way back to your corpse, you can pick up all your gear and enjoy a nice bit of human for tea. Better than letting it go to waste.

If you’re up for an impromptu trip to Alaska, The Wild Eight is now available on Steam for $19.99/£14.99. Keep your coat on for the flight, it will help.

Thanks Rock, Paper, Shotgun.