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Watch: the best and worst DLC of 2016, from The Witcher 3 to Street Fighter V’s sexy Santas

Best and worst DLC 2016

Every Friday on the PCGamesN YouTube channel we embrace the List Abyss, rattling through something fun from the yawning maw of PC gaming. Today we’re taking stock of the year that was 2016 in downloadable content – the sophisticated, polished expansions developers really should have charged more for, and the hard-drive excrement others simply slapped a price on.

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It was only really a technicality that prevented The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine from becoming our Game of the Year. Meanwhile, Dark Souls and Forza reestablished reputations for excellent DLC, and isometric RPGs continued to make up for time lost in the ‘00s.

In that company, the likes of Street Fighter and Tomb Raider must hang their heads in shame. You’ve got to do better than push a wardrobe of dodgy costumes onto Steam in this day and age.

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