The Witcher 3 patch 1.22 now available – bug fixes galore

Witcher 3 patch 122

The Witcher 3 may have seen its final big expansion pack, but that doesn’t mean CD Projekt RED are done yet. Patch 1.22 has been released today for the PC version, fixing a full three pages worth of bugs, glitches and haphazard coding snafus. There’s no additional content, but if you’ve been encountering strange behaviour it should hopefully be solved now.

How are you feeling about The Witcher 3’s battles?

The patch notes were released on the official site today. Here’s the highlights from CDPR:

  • Fixes issue whereby Corvo Bianco upgrades would not complete if players left Toussaint while an upgrade was in progress.
  • Fixes issue whereby Roach would not move during the quest “The Warble of a Smitten Knight.”
  • Fixes issue whereby Roach’s tail could vanish.

Poor Roach, he just hates how fancy Toussaint is. There’s some fairly fascinating bugs fixed in here too, like how pressing ‘O’ would add an infinite number of Gwent cards to your inventory. My kingdom for patch notes that show the actual string changes required. Full notes over here.