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CD Projekt confirms third IP, distinct from Cyberpunk or The Witcher

The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red has announced that it is currently working on a game in a new original universe, codenamed Hadar

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In addition to new games in The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 series, developer CD Projekt Red has announced that it is currently working on a third game set in a new, original universe. While the company didn’t share any specifics about this new game, it says that it’s part of its overall mission to create “revolutionary role-playing games with memorable stories that inspire gamers.” In other words, this is set to be another RPG game, but everything else about it is still very much under wraps.

This third game is codenamed Hadar, the name of a triple-star system also known as Beta Centauri. The company has named its new Witcher and Cyberpunk games after stars, too – Orion is the codename for the new Cyberpunk game, while the three new Witcher projects are called Polaris, Canis Majoris, and Sirius.

Here’s the full presentation from CD Projekt Red. Senior vice president and board member Michał Nowakowski discusses Hadar starting at the 11:18 mark.

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It’s an idea that the studio “began thinking about in 2021,” Nowakowski says, and it’ll be the first time CDPR has developed a game based on an IP wholly developed within the company.

Whatever Hadar is, it’s not Cyberpunk or The Witcher, and at the moment, it’s “in the earliest stages of the creative process,” CD Projekt says, adding that this means the company is in the process of writing and envisioning its world and setting, and that no active game development is going on yet.