The Witcher 3 has sex scenes, but it doesn’t like the sex number

An odd bug in The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition results in the sensitivity slider for the right thumbstick skipping 0.69, which is not very nice at all

The Witcher 3 sex number bug: Geralt of Rivia wearing chain and leather armour standing in a rural inn, with a beam of sunlight illuminating his face

There’s a bit of a strange bug that’s popped up in the enhanced edition of The Witcher 3. When you open up the menu – to plug in the best Witcher 3 settings, naturally – you may find that the remastered open-world game has a surprising aversion to a particular number.

As Twitch partner Lizz hilariously noticed on stream, the settings menu includes sliders for thumbstick sensitivity, which is represented in decimal fractions of one. One notch down from one is 0.99, then 0.98, and so on.

Hilariously, when you continue down from 0.7, the slider skips over 0.69, and instead displays the irrational number 0.68999, with the nine repeating (presumably infinitely), as Lizz discovered to clear disappointment on her stream.

It would be a strange display of prudishness in a game that features more than enough romantic scenes (and unicorn innuendo) to be featured prominently on our list of the best sex games for PC.

Odds are, though, that it’s some kind of rounding error with the slider – we found that a similar irrational number is returned instead of 0.94, so it’s not just the sex number that’s skipped over.

Some players have had difficulty with the updated version of The Witcher 3, but CD Projekt Red says it has fixes in the works, so don’t fret.